Hello! I am here today looking for someone awesome, intelligent, interesting, fun, and who can talk for hours on end. Do you fit that description? Of course you do! Why else would you be here! What a silly question to ask.

A little about myself, I'm looking for someone who likes the idea of going out to a pool hall and shooting the shit while maybe making a few side bets. Someone who loves finding an awesome view or place to just hang out at and soak in some of the awesome scenery and nature in this area. Or someone who really wants someone to hold them and cuddle with them while working through a Netflix queue consisting of anything and everything. Can I be that man? Yes. Yes I can be. Are you that woman? I hope you are.

I'm an aspiring teacher, college educated, 6' tall, and while I definitely have a bit more around than gut than I should I'm not averse to doing anything active. Play some basketball, go running, I'm down. If it's fun, I'm in. I like to share my hobbies and participate in others hobbies. What's the sense in being a fuddy duddy jerk who wants to only do what they want to do all the time?

Have questions? Good! I love questions! Interrogate me, grill me, do whatever you wish, I'll readily answer. Just be prepared to get grilled in return because I love probing people and talking! Want my picture? Fuck yeah you can have my picture! Just ask. Want to use kik? Sure, I'm down. Want to just stick to Reddit for now? That's fine with me as well! Most of all I just want to find someone fun and interesting to talk to first. If we have a mutual attraction, then we can worry about silly things like dates and such!

So what are you waiting for?

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I am a 21 year old male from Europe but I grew up in America mainly. I'm currently learning Japanese and diving into the culture. Maybe I could help you with English if you don't know English? Maybe we both could help eachother with learning a new culture/language? :)

I am only fluent in English right now...

Some of my hobbies are cosplay, crossplay, roleplay, LERPing, gaming, improv dancing, writing, drawing, painting, sewing, reading, and collecting action figures. Lol. In other words, I am a total nerd! :D

I am up for snailmail or email. Or we could even do both. I would prefer snailmail honestly, though. I love old fashioned letters and stuff. We can talk about it!

I don't care about your gender or age. :) Everything between us will be G-rated.

Not looking for romance. I just want someone to be friends with and to talk to every once in a while. I am pretty open, we can chat about things from our daily lives to our favorite shows to our hopes and dreams. It would be nice if I got a lifelong friend out of all this but it is alright if that does not happen.

Please introduce yourself. :) I don't want to spoil too much information about me on here.

Let's get to know eachother!! :D

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Ohai! I make NSFW gifs and videos as a hobby. In fact, if you browse NSFW subs, there's a good chance you've seen one of mine here or there. I make them from the source video, which means they're usually big and high quality.

I'm not really interested in chatting/trading myself, but I do love to make them, and since I'm gonna do it anyway, I figured I'd open myself up for requests =p

I've even branched out into video lately. The other day I made a softcore (non-nude, it's on Youtube after all) mashup to the tune of royalty-free music. You can see it here if you like!

But mostly I make gifs. If it turns out good, I might like to post it to a video sub, if that's all right.

I don't want to put anything too hardcore in a top-level post (even though it's probably allowed), so here are some relatively tame, but evocative (to me) creations =)





[Reposted because I didn't have a category in the title]

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We are new to this hobby and would love some feedback, no need to be gentle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbufycScogU

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Hello, so I'm 18 years old and have smoked pot about 6 days a week for about a year. Recently, I've gotten caught by my parents more then a few times, (I'm not exactly very sly) and was even nearly arrested taking me to where I am now. It's only been about 2 days but it seems like I'm already having mood swings, random sadness, lack of appetite etc. obviously I didn't expect this to be easy, but damn. Anyway, I guess my main question to you guys is what do you do to fill the void? Everybody says the best way to quit is to stay busy and pick up a hobby or two. Right now I currently work at a movie theatre, I go to college, and I try to play basketball a lot, what are your other suggestions, or things that helped you quick? Any support or answers is much appreciated.

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Sorry for the wall of rambling text, but it's something I've been throwing around in my mind a bit.

I'm a junior in college right now and I'm pretty happy with myself. I'm an introvert. I have a small group of friends, but I like them. I have a girlfriend who really gets me. I'm kind to people, and I expect kindness from others, but I don't hold a grudge or let it ruin my day if someone is rude to me-- I give second chances readily and easily. I feel 'cool'. Not in the badass 50's view of a rebel. But in the sense that I try to be good to others and hope that those people will pass it along.

But I wasn't always like that. In fact I used to be someone that now looking back, I really dislike. In middle school for the first time I started getting bullied. It had never happened in elementary school. But now people were going through puberty and started lashing out. I was rail thin, kind of ugly, a terrible dresser, and had almost no hygiene routines. My teeth were yellow, my hair was greasy and full of dandruff, and my only hobby was video games. I was a mess. Sure enough I got bullied. Bad. My school system was shite about handling bullying, so it just happened. It gave me a lot of social anxieties that are present even to this day. But the important thing about the bullying is that it changed who I was. I slowly started to develop the mindset of those bullies. They thought low of me and would torture me, but I thought just as low of them. I remember writing huge long rants (whoa, de ja vu) on internet forums about how disgusting and stupid they were. Of course in actuality I was just becoming what I hated. I became that kind of person you see on /r/Iamverysmart. I was a condescending, dismissive asshole in all honesty. I knew that what was being done to me was wrong, but I couldn't see that the way I viewed people was being horribly warped.

So high school comes around. Freshman year I'm still the same dweeby dude, but I make some friends that help me pull myself out of it. Junior year I start dressing very well, I start working out and get pretty big, I get a better hair cut and really start taking care of myself. I become a better me right? Except it all goes straight to my head. If I have a friend who has a girlfriend who isn't attractive, I make fun of him. I had a best friend (who is still my best friend) since middle school who I essentially stopped talking to in high school because he was 'weird' and not accepted by my cool new friends or the girls I wanted to sleep with. By senior year I'm hanging out with him again and am a bit more accepting of people, but the progress I'm making is slow and not at all a conscious effort.

Then college comes around. Some friends turn me onto weed and I get hooked. Before I know it I'm spending long nights all by myself. Smoking, then going into the shower and just staying in there for hours introspecting. It was like these walls came crashing down. I'd remember random times I'd be mean to someone, or say something hurtful just to bring myself up. This part is really hard to put into words, because the effect weed has on you is hard to put into any concrete words, but it was like a part of my brain flicked on that hadn't been used in years. It was true empathy. It was not wanting to make people feel worse than they needed to. It felt like I was having decades worth of maturing in only a few months.

I've seen this happen to a lot of my smoker friends. We've just become 'cool', i.e. good people. While a lot of people have also matured without it. But some people from high school still seem like they haven't grown up at all. They'll still be cruel, they'll still unload their opinions onto others for no reason other than to be condescending, etc.

TL;DR weed helped me get out of my high school mindset and actively want to be good to other people. Does anyone else relate. Can anyone else put this into better, more succinct words? [0]

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2015: The Age of the Ignorant.

Atheism, Gay Rights, Pacifism are no longer just belief systems - to many they've become fads.

The age where Christian Conservatives are the ones considered ignorant radicals in a nation that was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and on the promise of States' Rights.

At the Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin proposed that each and every morning the members should pray together to seek God's guidance. In that proposal he stated "I've lived, Sir, a long time, and the longer I live the more convincing proofs I see of this truth: that God governs in the affairs of men, and if a sparrow can't fall to the ground without his notice, is it possible for an Empire to rise without His aid?"

Legends in this country since its beginning have proved over and over again that the root of this nation is a Christian one. A politician once said:

"But we have forgotten God. We have forgotten the gracious hand which preserved us in peace, and multiplied and enriched and strengthened us; and we have vainly imagined, in the deceitfulness of our hearts, that all these blessings were produced by some superior wisdom and virtue of our own. Intoxicated with unbroken success, we have become too self-sufficient to feel the necessity of redeeming and preserving grace, too proud to pray to the God that made us!"

That politician was Abraham Lincoln.

If we don't want it, kill it (look up the new bill the New York State Congress just passed that allows abortions throughout all nine months of a pregnancy - including a procedure that would allow a NON-DOCTOR to inject poison into a baby's heart).

If it feels good, do it.

If you're tired of it, divorce it.

If you can't face it, drug it.

No one takes responsibility for their own actions. Just blame the Christian Conservatives for believing everything is a sin. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WAS CREATED BY PEOPLE WITH MODERN CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE VALUES.

"It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians, not on religions, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ!" -- Patrick Henry

""We have this day restored the Sovereign to whom all men ought to be obedient. He reigns in heaven and from the rising to the setting of the sun, let His kingdom come." -- Samuel Adams after signing the Declaration of Independence

It was clear to the Supreme Court in 1811. It was clear to the Supreme Court in 1892:

"The free, equal, and undisturbed, enjoyment of religious opinion, whatever it may be, and free and decent discussions on any religious subject, is granted and secured; but to revile, with malicious and blasphemous contempt, the religion professed by almost the whole community, is an abuse of that right. Nor are we bound, by any expressions in the constitution, as some have strangely supposed, either not to punish at all, or to punish indiscriminately the like attacks upon the religion of Mahomet or of the grand Lama; and for this plain reason, that the case assumes that we are a christian people, and the morality of the country is deeply ingrafted upon christianity, and not upon the doctrines or worship of those impostors.... Whatever strikes at the root of Christianity tends manifestly to the dissolution of civil government, because it tends to corrupt the morals of the people, and to destroy good order." -- People v. Ruggles 1811

“Our laws and our institutions must necessarily be based upon and embody the teachings of the Redeemer of mankind. It is impossible that it should be otherwise; and in this sense and to this extent our civilization and our institutions are emphatically Christian.... This is a religious people. This is historically true. From the discovery of this continent to the present hour, there is a single voice making this affirmation... This is a Christian Nation." -- Church of the Holy Trinity v. United States 1892

Hell, even the man that wrote our Declaration of Independence said "God who gave us life gave us liberty. And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are a Gift of God?"

I honestly don't care how this has somehow become something I'm supposed to be ashamed of:

PSALM 33:12

Politically I've essentially kept quiet since about 2008 for a number of reasons. I replaced political tirades with sports tirades. I am so sickened by the reaction I've seen towards Governor Pence, Indiana, and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. We're honestly receiving economic threats from around the country? AS A PRIVATE BUSINESS OWNER AS LONG AS IM NOT INFRINGING UPON YOUR RIGHT TO LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS I CAN SERVE WHOMEVER I DAMN WELL PLEASE.

The government has no right to MAKE me serve anyone in a business that I created and I own UNLESS I am infringing upon the rights of others... Which is included in the bill.

If these businesses want to take that economic hit and what would probably result in a boycott? That's on them. The law is specific to religious beliefs and if they feel strongly enough about their religious beliefs to not serve someone that is their CHOICE. NOT the government's.

Somehow we live in a day and age where LBGT rights are more important than religious rights. How is that fair? Everyone's rights - at a MINIMUM - should be the same. "All men are created equal but if your religious beliefs stand strongly against abortion and you own a private medical practice you still have to perform an abortion and if your religious beliefs vehemently stand against homosexuality you HAVE to serve them despite OWNING a PRIVATE business.... The LBGT community is more important than the religious community."

It's 2015, and much like the 1960s when a bunch of hippies treated the rights of African Americans like a hobby and a sporting event instead of a serious issue facing our country... People act like anything that could POSSIBLY be construed as going against gay people is a crime against humanity.

20 years from now there won't be half the outrage because it will no longer be an issue. People keep saying it's "brave" for someone to come out. Bullshit. It was brave in the 90s. Today if I said "The Bible tells me that homosexuals and sodomites will burn in hellfire" I would be abused far more than the man or woman who just came out.

The bottom line here is the protection of religious freedom. If someone adheres strictly enough to their religious principles that they would risk a massive financial hit to their private business to not sell their goods and services to a member of the LBGTQ community, it is 100% their prerogative to do so. If that is discrimination in your eyes, I would simply rebut that (as in the examples above) as long as this discrimination is not endangering the individuals, it is the right of the business owner to discriminate. The argument that everyone appears to be making is that LBGTQ rights are SO much more important than the rights of religious business owners that other states would impose economic sanctions on Indiana like it is a terrorist state.

THAT is a TERRIBLY frightening precedent to set.

A florist refuses to sell flower arrangements for the wedding of a gay couple, citing specifically her Christian beliefs... Why on earth does ANYONE believe there should be a LAW that FORCES her to do so?

If the practices of a particular group (LBGTQ, Pro-Choice, etc.) violates someone's religious convictions... Why do they get to have an anti-discrimination law that states that their rights are more important than the religious rights? Why is even it called discrimination? The RFRA isn't just a name. It is about religious freedom restoration (lower case). It is ass backwards that someone adhering to their religious beliefs is considered "discriminatory" when they own a private business. The government should have no say whatsoever in who they sell their shit to.

My final point: I cannot STAND the misuse of "separation of Church and State." Probably the most misunderstood concept in American politics. People actually believe that phrase is in the Constitution? Please hear me well: IT IS NOT IN THE CONSTITUTION. Nothing makes me madder.

The Constitution quite simply prohibits the making of any law respecting the ESTABLISHMENT of any religion by the NATIONAL government. Literally, it just means that after religious persecution in England, our Founding Fathers (you know, the Christian ones) didn't want to force that on anyone else. Guess what? Individual states set themselves up largely by their religious beliefs.


So where did "Separation of Church and State" come from, Jared?

1) If you're going to say it arbitrarily, you should probably research it first - as with everything Facebook and Twitter have given the ignorant a platform to make public statements about.

2) The phrase a "hedge or wall of separation between the garden of the church and the wilderness of the world" was first used by Baptist theologian Roger Williams, the founder of the colony of Rhode Island. Thomas Jefferson wrote a LETTER in 1802 to the Danbury Baptist Church, in which he used a similar phrase. This is a highly contentious letter for a number of reasons. As the President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson would refuse to issue Proclamations of Thanksgiving, believing them to be religious in nature. However, as the Governor of Virginia he DID issue a Proclamation of Prayer and Thanksgiving - further supporting the intent of the Constitution... that religious establishment was a state issue.

3) Everson v. Board of Education (1947). Boom. The obscure Jefferson letter from 145 years earlier is used in a decision by the Supreme Court, and for the first time establishment was illegal at the state level.

What is establishment? At no point will the government make a law that says or implies that any given religion is the law of the land. That's it. There's nothing more to it. That's the entirety of the language of "separation of Church and State" in our nation's history.

What does this mean?

It means that I can say God in the Pledge and I am not forcing anyone by law to be a Christian, and it damn well means that Indiana can make a law protecting individual religious freedoms as long as it doesn't state specifically that it only applies to one religion.

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I've recently decided I want to be competitively good at Dominion - like break into the top 50 at Goko.

After comp-stomping at Androdominion and beating my friends on a consistent basis, I realized I wasn't nearly as good as I thought and, after a couple of hundred games, I wasn't even able to break into the top 1,000. I partially blame picking up some really bad habits from playing against AIs which I'm looking to fix (I'm overenthusiastic about trashing and get tilted when Possessions are in play).

Are their tips or tools to systematically improve? More than just reading up on strategies - maybe something to process the game logs to do data analysis on winning strategies? If not, I'm seriously considering keeping track on Excel, so are there templates for that? I know this must sound like overkill but it's part of what helps me enjoy a hobby.

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My actual knowledge of RC cars is very low, but last year my son and I purchased a 1/16 Grave Digger from a local hobby shop. Up until now we've had no issues so I'm just now needing to learn repair issues.

We were driving it yesterday and the wheels just stopped catching. The motor would spin and everything but it just wouldn't catch the wheels.

Without me taking it all apart yet, does anyone know this problem and what part I'm likely going to need? Or perhaps provide some sort of link I could look at? I'm a little lost via google searching.

Much appreciated!!!

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I started thinking about the subject last night when I read this thread and after reading this thread I've spent the last three ours debating with myself how I feel. After reading through those thread I've seen opinions I agree with, ones I do not but understand where they're coming from, and some that I feel are are utterly fucking stupid.

First a brief Who am I? I've been fighting this fight since before GG was even a thing. You can look at my profile and see that it's 3 months old, that's because I fucking hate Reddit. I made this account for the sole purpose of posting in KiA and you can see that that's pretty much all I do, with maybe 10 posts in TIFU. I've been doing what I can by myself to fight against what I see as the downfall of my hobby as I once saw it for the last 4 years.

So how do I feel about a boycott, specifically on PoE if Obsidian folds? I'm for it and for good reason, a reason that someone else put into words perfectly in line with how I feel Meow's follow up is also 100% in line with how I feel. I honestly don't care if the limerick stays or goes, it's an insignificant easter egg and it's removal won't subtract from the game. What I do care about is Obsidian going back on their word, I will not support a company who takes money and doesn't deliver on their promises.

Lets be honest here, compared to what's already in the game that limerick isn't awful. There's a fucking hanging tree, there's a conversation where a man talks about how in a past life he was a raider who raped a young girl and conceived a child. Then he died and was reincarnated as that child. Both of those are monstrously worse than the limerick, this is the world that was crafted. It is dark, it is nasty, it grim, and it is unforgiving. If the devs remove the limerick because "it's problematic and doesn't fit" they are fucking cowards and hypocrites. Kowtowing to a group of people who are neither their fans nor their consumers to PR a faux audience.

The reason devs cave is because the industry is inherently greedy, they want ALL the money they can grab. At one point in time gaming was a passion, ran by artists and enthusiasts. Now it's a soulless business ran by corporations and investors. In the 90's we had Spyro the Dragon, Crash Bandicoot, and Duke Nukem. Now we have CoD, Battlefield, and Assassins Creed.

I love Obsidian, they've made some of my favorite games FO:NV, NWN 2, and KOTOR 2. But if they need to be martyred so that further companies learn who they should actually listen too, then so be it. The reason the Offendatrons get away with what they do is because they rule by fear, a tried and true tactic of the ages. We need to show devs they have more to fear from us than them. THIS IS OUR HOBBY NOT THEIRS. ( The SJW) If you aren't willing to do this then I'm sorry but, FUCK YOU.

I've been in this fight a long time and look where it's gotten me? I'm willing to participate in burning one of my favorite developers to the ground to prove a point. "There are some saying we shouldn't boycott because it's negative and we should do something positive instead." Yes lets just all hold hands and sing kumbaya until the offendatrons leave us alone, that'll totally work /s

In all honesty someone brought up holding a buy-in to combat the SJW boycott, our voices would obviously be louder. I would honestly rather do that than hold an organized boycott, but how long are we willing to do that in the future? Remember these people are pretenders, they won't actually be buying the product they're 'boycotting' anyways. But if we do the boycotting it will send a message loud and clear that we the consumers aren't to be fucked with. I'm not saying we constantly hold the threat of a boycott over the heads of devs who don't kowtow to us. I'm advocating we do it until we're taken seriously. Until the devs too afraid to side with us, or even openly say "we're neutral" realize they lose profits by pissing us off rather than the Offendatrons. If we can manage this, if we can seize the industry by the balls and direct where it goes we should. I can only hope that if this happens we can keep the industry on track, to be objective, at least for the next 2 decades. Obviously doing this opens up potential for all kinds of abuse, for the industry to fall on its old ways but under our narrative. My ultimate hope is that we can take control then step back and only fulfill watchdog roles, not gatekeepers.

There are some people saying "we shouldn't boycott, just signal boost 'the good devs' and 'the good media'" No! Fuck you faggot, get out of here! 1. These are not mutually exclusive, we can destroy something bad and build something good at the same time. 2. This can only go so far and even if it achieves the most desirable outcome it will take a very long time. 3. The potential for them to become corrupt and slip into the old ways is still there. I ain't got time fore that shit.

Basically this is how I'll be doing my own boycott if you want to use it as a guideline.

If a company is anti-GG but makes a product worth buying I'll get it

if a company is silent or neutral and makes a product worth getting I'll get it

if a company is pro gg and makes a product not worth buying it depends on the price and how much money I have but I'll strongly lean towards buying

if a company is neutral but kowtows to the offendatrons I will boycott them.

I realize what I'm suggesting is a bitter pill to swallow. No one wants to burn down a company they love to send a message. I sure as shit DO NOT want to to see Obsidian go, but I'm willing to if they fold. In the mean time whether you agree with me about boycotting or not I suggest this. If you own PoE take a screen cap of your steam page and e-mail it to Obsidian. Tell them how much you enjoy them and how displeased you'll be if they fold. If you haven't bought the game but plan on it wait. Do the same thing, e-mail them and voice your displeasure. Tell them of your intention to buy the game but your apprehension about how they handle themselves in this controversy (The limerick not GG). If you fall into this category it's fine if you don't boycott, but do your part to make your voice heard before Obsidian folds. We have to speak up we can't let the vocal minority seem like a majority.

Closing words: I really hope this whole thing is getting blown out of proportion and Obsidians response goes like this. *We're looking into the issue. *We see nothing wrong here, please stop being silly.

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I have to travel to Anaheim CA for business, and will be there for approximately 3 weeks. Are there reasonable options for renting a PS4 system while I'm down there? Hopefully it doesn't sound strange, but gaming is still a big hobby of mine. With the time difference back home I won't be able to talk to family for too long. Weekends I will definitely get out and explore, but weeknights I know there will be many where I'd like to just chill with a PS4.

Any help or info is much appreciated. I'm not so addicted that I'd consider checking my system in luggage, but for like $20/wk or something I'd be happy to rent a system.

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I'm having trouble with sustained power using the following components:

ESC: Hobby King 85A Motor: Turnigy D3536/6 1250KV Battery: Zippy 4s 35C 1300mAh

I've also uploaded a video to help illustrate my concern:


For some reason, at full throttle the motor will deliver 100% speed for about 4 seconds. After that it drops down significantly and stays there for the remainder of the battery's useful charge. I've tried using another ESC, but the problem existed there as well.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Raiding Information: Group of players that have been raiding with each other since vanilla. wowprogress.com/guild/us/arthas/Teh+Slax Website: tehslax.net Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Times: 8-11pm Eastern Loot System: MS Rolls with Loot Council for tier Progression: 1/7M HM, 9/10H BRF Guild Info: Teh Slax is an old school raiding guild that has its roots in farming Molten Core before Blackwing Lair was even tested. Our core team has been playing together for over nine years, and we are now mostly in our late 20s and early 30s with careers, families, and other hobbies outside the World of Warcraft. We are looking for like-minded individuals who share our ambition to raid at a high level on a light-weight schedule. Classes we Need: Tank(Pref Monk/Pal)

Elemental Shaman



Hunter INFO: We are trying to recruit just a handful of people to complete our roster so that we can begin attempt BRF Mythics. We recently lost our OT and also need a few range dps. If you have logs you can link that is ideal however not a requirement. Feel free to add my battle id for more info/to set up a trial or visit our website's forums. Battleid: Kyashan#1329

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I've dabbled in so many things. The closest I've come to a sustainable hobby is photography. But lack of new subjects keeps this from being a constant thing I can go to. I've tried multiple instruments but I just don't have the talent for them. I can't draw, writing stories doesn't hold my interest, and I feel too old to pick up something brand new that will take a long time to master.

Maybe I'm not too old, but man it feels that way.

I just bought my first Lego set(Ghost Busters Ecto-1) to see if that can hold my interest, but talk about an expensive hobby. Sheesh.

What are your hobbies?

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So today I was sentenced with 6 months misdemeanor probation for getting caught with a little weed. I am 21 and in college and have a job, and even other hobbies but every day for the past 3-4 years I have smoked weed all day. I usually smoke right in the morning, after classes, before work, after work, before practices, after practices..almost any time I could, because I love smoking weed with my friends. Now that I have to lay off the good stuff for a while what are some little tricks I can use to make sure I don't slip up. How strict should I be about even drinking or using other, more quickly released drugs? I know the day and time of each month that I will be tested so that helps I guess. Alcohol is not part of my probation so obviously I will be drinking quite a few beers over the next 6 months.

TL:DR I'd like to figure out how to hang out with my friends and how to function on a daily basis without weed. I have been high for almost every waking moment for 3 years. I am allowed to drink and open to other drugs that I won't be tested for.

Right now I am taking the last of my wax into one giant dab to get super baked one last time.

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Before I begin this post I just want to say I have used mint but it didn't work well for me and I don't like giving my passwords to intuit.

I have been a user of YNAB since last July and it was wonderfully useful to me when money was tighter. However now my income is about 4x what it was last July, I'm fully buffered, and I have an emergency fund so it feels unnecessary to track enter every expense when I buy something. More importantly, it makes me think about money constantly throughout the day. This is something I actually want to do less of and focus more of my thoughts on my job and hobbies. However I have gotten very used to thinking of money in terms of YNAB so it is hard to go back.

Basically I'm looking for a system that helps me budget automatically. I was thinking about having an account for bills and a spending account and savings account. This would probably work but I mostly use my credit cards for spending.

Has anybody else that really liked YNAB stopped using it? Or does anyone else have a good system?

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I am a 21 year old male from Europe but I grew up in America mainly. I'm currently learning Japanese and diving into the culture. Maybe I could help you with English if you don't know English? Maybe we both could help eachother with learning a new culture/language? :)

I am only fluent in English right now...

Some of my hobbies are cosplay, crossplay, roleplay, LERPing, gaming, improv dancing, writing, drawing, painting, sewing, reading, and collecting action figures. Lol. In other words, I am a total nerd! :D

I am up for snailmail or email. Or we could even do both. I would prefer snailmail honestly, though. I love old fashioned letters and stuff. We can talk about it!

I don't care about your gender or age. :) Everything between us will be G-rated.

Not looking for romance. I just want someone to be friends with and to talk to every once in a while. I am pretty open, we can chat about things from our daily lives to our favorite shows to our hopes and dreams. It would be nice if I got a lifelong friend out of all this but it is alright if that does not happen.

Please introduce yourself. :) I don't want to spoil too much information about me on here.

Let's get to know eachother!! :D

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